How to: Salad

It’s only recently that I discovered how absolutely awesome salads can be. I think they get a bad rep in the mainstream but I think what makes salads seems boring is the fact that you are probably making boring salad. Sorry not sorry! The great things about salad is the more you add the better it’s going to taste. This recipe is more of a salad blueprint and you just use what you have in your fridge. I have this for lunch when I don’t have time, which is a lot of the time. PS: Just like an outfit is never complete without accessories, a salad is never complete without dressing. I will soon post recipes of different salad dressing that i ALWAYS have in my fridge. If there is one thing that no one should waste their money on, it’s buying ready made salad dressing!


  • Leafy greens. It’s important to use DIFFERENT types of leafy greens in one salad. Think of arugula, baby spinach, chard, kale, endive,.. The list goes on. I usually buy loads of different packs of leafy greens and use them randomly throughout the week.
  • Vegetables. The list here is infinite. You can use them raw  but if you have time I roast or grill them. That’s my version of  heaven on earth
  • Protein. Again this depends on what you have at home and feel free to use leftovers and if you don’t have anything then eggs are also awesome
  • Fruit. This adds texture and flavor.  My personal favorites is pomegranate, mangoes or grapefruit. But of course buy what’s in season!
  • Complex carb. A piece of whole wheat bread or what I really love is some cooked sweet potato
  • Extra.  such as nuts of any other thing
  • Dressing

Mise en place*

  1. Dice all the vegetables, protein and fruit

Where the magic happens

  1. Put 2 cups of leafy greens onto your plate
  2. Chose some or all of the different topping but don’t  exaggerate when it comes to quantities. At the end of the day it’s still a salad. For example your protein should not  be more than your your vegetables.
  3. Go easy on the dressing, it’s easier to add than to remove
  4. Repeat at least twice a week  😉


*Mise en place is a term used in cooking which when translated means “putting in place.” These are all the preparations that are done before cooking can take place. I put this in a different section because not only will it save you time and stress, but it helps in decreasing mistakes during cooking.

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